Photos on Flickr.

Just uploaded some photos to Flickr. The first set of the rehearsals for the up coming Model’s of Diversity fashion show, Catwalk 4 Change.

Then there’s some taken from behind the scenes at my appearance on ITV’s This Morning, where  I was debating Assisted Suicide (again). Video to follow soon.

Lastly I’ve put up photoset of the TV shoot for the pilot of Mind the Gap. So great to get back behind the camera. Let’s hope the show gets commissioned and goes to air… with me as presenter please folks.

Right that’s enough photos for now…. but they’ll always be more….


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Going on ITV’s This Morning

Tomorrow morning, August 22nd, I will be appearing on ITV’s This Morning program to take part in a discussion about assisted dying. Oh yes, that old chestnut. But I am sure you know I am passionate about the subject and I hope you all tune in. Be great to know your feelings on the debate too.

It starts at 10.30, and ends at 12.30. Not sure when I’ll be on, so either tune in live or watch it on ITV Player afterwards.

Wish me luck eh?

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This Morning Brothel Discussion

Here is the video of the This Morning Debate between myself and Becky Adams on the issue for a brothel Becky is planning to open which is specially designed for disabled customers. I have already written several blogs on this issue, which can be found in my blog section. Please give it a watch if you haven’t seen it and I wonder which side you fall down on, if you excuse the very mild pun?

First shown on ITV Jan 18th 2013

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