Photos on Flickr.

Just uploaded some photos to Flickr. The first set of the rehearsals for the up coming Model’s of Diversity fashion show, Catwalk 4 Change.

Then there’s some taken from behind the scenes at my appearance on ITV’s This Morning, where  I was debating Assisted Suicide (again). Video to follow soon.

Lastly I’ve put up photoset of the TV shoot for the pilot of Mind the Gap. So great to get back behind the camera. Let’s hope the show gets commissioned and goes to air… with me as presenter please folks.

Right that’s enough photos for now…. but they’ll always be more….


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disAbled Models – The Documentary goes live!

The campaigning group Models of Diversity have just released a video on the subject of getting more disabled people into the modelling industry. Featuring up and coming new faces like Jack Eyers and Shaholly Ayers as well as established disabled models like Kelly Knox, plus some ramblings from little old me, the film really proves that disabled people can be beautiful too. It highlights the issue of how invisible disabled people are both in the fashion and advertising worlds and why it is so important that they strive to be more representative. Director Adam Finch covers the topic really well and with a style that suits the fashion industry to the ground.

Something I’m rather proud of is that I provided all of the music for the film. So if you need a theme tune or soundtrack for your project please get in touch. These tracks are rather dance orientated but I can do pretty much what you need. Plug, plug.

So take a look and see that soon disability will be the next big thing. Darling.

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