Cold Comfort

I’ve spent the last couple of days laid low by a cold. Whenever I am stopped in my tracks by something so small as the cold virus, it makes me realize how obvious that we evolved rather than were created. Why would anyone, let alone God, create a world with so many mistakes and flaws? What role does the common cold play? What role does any disease or illness play? Why do we have mistakes in our genetic code that makes sick or disabled?

The only answer is that it is to do with evolution. The cold virus evolved along side humans and so it effects us. Not enough to kill us, like many other diseases, but just enough to allow itself to reproduce and infect others. During this process it mutates so our immunity that will build up when we are laying in bed feeling crappy has less of an effect on the virus allowing it to infect us again next year. Obvious.

Our genetic code creates mistakes that lead to illness and disability as this is the same process that allows evolution itself. Imagine that once upon a time a horse was born with a deformed longer neck. All the other horses would have seen a disability, but this long necked horse could reach higher leaves on the local trees and so was healthier than the other short necked horses. So when it bred those horses that were born whit the long necked trait could also eat those leaves, were stronger and so bred more, passing on a the mutated neck gene. And suddenly the Giraffe was passed into existence. Obvious.

But what always makes me wonder, is why religion doesn’t embrace science? My wife is studying Physics at Uni right now, and the amazing things that led to the creation of everything are dazzling. While I see it as random luck, even an devout atheist like me can see that it would be easy to see a guiding hand in the forces at work over the billions of years it took to get where we are today. Yet more and more religions all over the world fight against scientific discoveries. At the same time they worry about falling attendances. Surely these discoveries make the universe more amazing, and that might lead more people to seek answers to why it is so amazing? So why deny evolution or any other new theory to how everything came to be here? Why not admit that God must want us to understand everything and embrace the fact that we above all other animals have the ability to theorize and understand?

Anyway, that’s what is going through my head while I cough and sniffle on my sofa watching Star Trek. I’m so ill I didn’t even mute the theme tune to Star Trek Enterprise. That theme tune alone is more proof there is no God.

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2 thoughts on “Cold Comfort

  • You know what, I’m not 100% sure whether there is a God but I choose to believe there is. I don’t preach to people and tell people what to believe in and I don’t say it is obvious there is a God. I find it peculiar that people who don’t believe in God tell us that it is obvious that there is no God.

    How can science prove that someone like God doesn’t exist? Explain to me how science can do that. Spell it out for me please as I’d really like to know.

  • Hi Lizz,
    I didn’t say that. While I don’t believe all I asked was why religion does seem to be able or want to take on scientific discoveries. Things like the age of the planet, which we now know. Many religions are still trying to work with the 6000 years since creation.
    I just know how amazing it is that we exist at all. There are so many variables and if only one was different there might be no us, or even the Earth. Instead of sticking to out dated dogma, shouldn’t religion embrace everything we now know and use that as an argument to show that there might be a God?
    By banging on about creation etc religions are alienating huge groups of society, and at a time of falling attendances it’s not the best idea.
    The wonder of our universe and our existence is so awe inspiring that that’s enough for me. I don’t want to or need to believe in a God, but I hope I have lived a fairly good life so if there is one he’ll forgive me for that. Fingers crossed eh?

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