What The F**k? or Has The World Of TV Gone Mad?

I have just seen an advert for a new Channel 5 show featuring Tamara Ecclestone Billion Dollar Girl and find myself mystified as to who the hell watches this crap. At a time of recession, where the government is slashing the services and benefits of those at the bottom of the heap, who really wants to see a “reality” show about a spoilt little rich girl? Why would any TV company think that this is the right time to make such a show?

Last weekend I compared at the Hardest Hit Rally in Brighton, where a large number of disabled people came out to make their voices heard about how the government’s policy of cutting benefits is really effecting them and making their lives incredibly difficult. I heard many people talk about their worries and panic regarding how the cuts and changes will make it impossible continue to live independent and happy lives. Speaking to many of the people there I discovered facts about the proposed changes to those benefits awarded to disabled people and some of them made no sense. One shocking change is that the Mobility part of DLA, or the new PIP, will stop at the age of 64. Now what actually happens to people with mobility issues at the age of 64 that means they no longer need help with getting around is beyond me. I would have thought that many people, even non-disabled people, will end up becoming worse at getting around as they get older and so be entitled to more financial help not less… or none.

But then that is what is really behind these changes and cuts. It’s not making the benefits system fairer or target those who really need it, it’s just a way of saving money. As we now live in a society where the number of older people is growing massively, any payment that goes towards helping people who develop problems with mobility will end up being paid to more and more people who really are entitled to it. Oh dear, that will cost us more… what shall we do? Just get rid of the benefit, not caring if this means more and more people are left in real financial difficulty and loose their independence. (I feel at this point I should mention that many people who receive the mobility payment put it towards getting a Motability hire car. Motability is one of the biggest fleet car companies in the UK and plays a massive role in keeping the UK car industry afloat. With out it countless jobs will go, damaging our economy hugely) And that’s just one of the changes that will have a real effect on people who do not have much money to start with.

Now maybe that would be OK if we lived in a society where everyone was poor or at least feeling the effects of recession, but it is criminal that while some are living in fear about how they will be able to afford to live others are so rich they can throw money away. How can it be OK that billionaires are out buying massive yachts, ridiculous sports cars and house after house costing huge sums that they only live in for a few days a year when others are terrified about being able to heat their home this winter? Ms Ecclestone is currently redecorating a mansion in Kensington that is worth 45 million pounds, so she will never have to worry about making ends meet will she? Yes I know I’m a rabid lefty, and so obviously this huge disparity in wealth offends me but even if you don’t think there is something wrong with the rich being so rich while others freeze, surely you do see that making a TV show about the rich spoilt daughter of one the those billionaires is in bad taste?

As well as the timing and subject, the thing that really grinds my gears is that the star of this show is already super wealthy, yet she will be getting paid for the show and will earn even more money because of the publicity she will receive from it. We already have the awful Made In Chelsea on Channel 4, filled with vacuous rich kids hamming it up for our “entertainment” but Billion Dollar Girl is a step too far. I for one will not be watching this waste of time and have no idea who will.

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4 thoughts on “What The F**k? or Has The World Of TV Gone Mad?

  • Well Mik I’m about to make your day …. cos I will watch it. And I watch Made in Chelsea too. I’ve always loved watching programmes about rich people. I’m not rich though and I’m on benefits. I like a world where there are some rich people, some inbetween and some poor. I wish there weren’t any poor people but I like the fact that it is possible to move up or down the scale depending on how you play the game of life. Of course we could all live in some socialist/communist state where there are a few very rich people controlling the plebs and keeping them down where they belong so that they are all ‘equal’. That’s not to my taste though. And even if I were really poor I would still like watching programmes about people living a life I would like to aspire to. I’m already looking forward to your reply, I have a feeling you are going to have another rant at me x

  • And another thing …. rich people pay taxes and keep shops in business. Businesses also pay taxes. Without rich people and businesses paying tax, you might have no benefits at all. So might be best not to resent rich people

  • Hahaha. How did I know that you’d be leaving a comment Lizzi? I won’t go there about the politics, as we know we’ll never agree on that, but please you don’t really plan to watch rich girl does rich girl stuff do you? As for M.I.C., I obviously can’t watch it, as it will enrage my socialist ideals and get me calling for revolution… again.
    With the Tax question, maybe if the rich paid more tax, and didn’t get out of paying such vast sums as they do now we’d have more money to go towards paying back money we borrowed to bail out another load of rich people for their own financial mismanagement.
    I don’t resent rich people… I just wish that their money was accompanied by a greater desire to build a more equal and fair society and not just buy more stuff and get more money. How much money do you actually need before you have more that you’ll ever need?
    Anyway, it’s obvious we will agree to disagree… but I’m right… tee hee.

  • The world of TV went crazy years ago when it created ‘reality’ TV which then created ‘celebrities’. ‘The pursuit of the talentless by the mindless’ someone once said … how true. lf ever two words have been bastardised, mis-used and abused it’s ‘reality’ and ‘celebrity’

    lf that wasn’t enough, these ‘celebrities’ are then foisted upon us with their views upon issues that they haven’t a clue about.

    TV gone mad? … the world has my friend.

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