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The Wright Stuff LogoOMG! This Monday, November 2nd, I will be appearing on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff as a panelist. Debating the stories of the day hosted by the amazing Matthew Wright, I have wanted to appear on this show ever since it started. During the first series I was in discussion with the production company but sadly I was too ill to make it when they wanted me. It later transpired I had broken my back again, so it was a good excuse. Anyway, I then underwent loads of treatment, my career did a tumble and ended up healthy but no longer well known enough to go on the show. Boo! I’m not sure I’m anywhere near the level of fame I was back then, but whatever the reason I am going on The Wright Stuff. (Mik now does a little dance). So tune in from 9.15am to 11.10am on Monday and see what happens! If you can’t see it in person then Channel 5 on demand or Sky+ it. Can’t wait! Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff

  • Hi Mik. Sorry 2 appear somewhat ignorant of yourself, but, when you mentioned Ian Drury, etc, & having read on your website where you hail from, I should have maybe known a lot more about you. Originally, I am from “Concrete Cow Country” (small village called Woburn Sands on the outskirts of M.K.), but now reside in Lincolnshire. – [another Pet Hate location for Matthew Wright, I’m afraid]. I also suffer from a disability, but, some of the prejudices you alluded to on the show are even starker in my case, because my disability is EPILEPSY. – yes, I know, “on the dark side”-lol- Ignorance of this issue in many ways is even more apparent than in your case, because people look at you, and think “Hmmmm-What;’s wrong with him/her? – Of course, nothing is visible externally, so, you aren’t recognised in society as being “disabled”, due to the absence of said signs – (Until you try to move into the employment area of the world, that is.- No one is interested in you – 100yrs ago, people like e would have been burnt at the stake, for “Being a Witch/Possessed”, etc Maybe you can suggest for me, why people are more accepting of the likes of yourself, and yet so disparaging of individuals such as me. Supposed debate has occurred in Parliament on this condition in February this year; I watched said debate on live-tv, and was considerably disheartened by the fact that more debate time seemed to have been spent going through the motions of the house, and each speaker “patting the previous speaker” on the back, as opposed to actually debating the issue!!! Why just pay Lip-service to the issue, and leave sufferers feeling patronised by the outcome, rather than grasping the nettle & making some progress on the issue? Undoubtedly like yourself, I have suffered prejudice and discrimination in the employment arena, but, feel totally powerless and cast adrift with regards as to where to turn. Any Ideas?? (Thanks for listening to my “Rant”, btw!)

    • Hi Brian, My wife’s father had rather severe epilepsy so I know what you mean about the prejudice you experience. It was such a shock to see how he was treated by the public when he having a seizure, especially ones like absences. He hated who often people thought he was drunk, instead of battling through the fog of drugs and the impact of so many seizures. I think that ALL disabled people have been experiencing a real backlash and no matter how much the media might like to paint everything as getting better, we know the truth. But I found that becoming political and active in campaigning helps fight that feeling of negativity. So maybe you should try getting out and shouting about how crap things are? Another great method is the jolly old blog. Telling the world how it feels to be you not only allows you get those feelings out but creates a comradery between others who shares those feedings and experiences. I don’t really have any answers mate, but I do know that all disabled people live a shared experience and we must stand or sit together and tell the world, No More!. Good luck and contact the Wright Stuff to tell them to have me back! Tee Hee, Mik

  • Dear Mik, You are an inspiration to us all and I have followed your example, in essence of educating ablebodied people”. I watched, with great interest, your appearance on The Wright Stuff today [Monday] and applaud your humour and wit”. It is true to say that you are a role model for us all!!
    I am a Poet, working through Facebook, these days, after some publication, running several pages, among them, Disability Rights Now. It is proving popular. I suffer Spina Bifida and Bi Polar Disorder and I am ”well aware of negativity in others”, aimed at me.
    I have written a poem called Disablism and it can be found, on my pages. If you’d like to find it, look for a man with a silicon chip in his forehead, Kindest Wishes and many congratulation, Nigel Morgan, Poet and disability activist”.

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