New Website for My Access Business

Screenshot of Mik Scarlet Acess WebsiteI have finally gone corporate, as my new website dedicated to my access consultancy and training business. It is now available at Mik Scarlet Access.

I’ve been working in the field for many years, especially since 2010 when I completed my training. I have had some major successes and am proud of the work I have done to make our society more accessible and inclusive. So if you require the services of someone to ensure your business is accessible, whether your physical environment or your business practice, or you want to to provide top quality training for your staff please get in touch. This isn’t just a job for me, it’s a vocation. I really want to make the world better for the generations of disabled people who will follow mine.

I should also like to point out that site was created for me in less than a day by my wonderful wife, through her web design business Site By Diane. So if you like what you see, contact her as not only will she build you an amazing site, but she’ll do it quick and at a great price!

Advert over.

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It had to happen!

Oh yes, I cannot avoid the march of technology any longer… and so I am now on Twitter. You can follow me on @MikScarlet

So all I have to do now is try not to let my mouth off without thinking. Although the small amount of characters is proving a challenge. Maybe that will save me from myself eh?

I should just point out that all of my social media is being set up by my amazing wife. She is behind all of my web based profile and I think it proves that she is a real wizard at all of this. Her work on my web profile is really paying off on the career front. So if you either want a web site designed or maintained, or are seeking someone to run your online presence with the goal of creating an online buzz she’s your girl. Check out her website Site By Diane. And she isn’t finished yet… so watch this space as I end up everywhere online.

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