Barcelona…. Here We Come!

Mik at Derby Feste 2015Wow, what a month this has been. After spending an amazing weekend up in Derby enjoying their arts festival Derby Feste, it was off up to Stockton on Tees, to perform in Pauline Heath’s ground breaking play Occupation. I joined a truly talented ensemble cast and played to a packed house, as we challenged many stereotypes around disability trotted out by today’s right wing media. It was a joy to be a part of and has rekindled my love of stage acting. I want to do more!

Cast of Occupation

While rehearsing I was contacted by ITV’s This Morning to take part in one of their debates. So after a hard day’s fighting with my script I jumped on a train and shot off back to London. Then it was up early to appear on This Morning, meeting Phillip Schofield again after decades, to debate why non-disabled people park in Blue Badge bays. It wasn’t the hardest debate I taken part in to be honest, but it is a subject that needs airing. Especially if people really feel the other person on the sofa… speechless!

In the This Morning studio

Then back to Stockton for play time, with Occupation going live. The audience loved it, and I must admit I’ve fallen in love with the North East. Lovely place, lovely people. I will be back soon. Of course, I said this was a busy month, and so no sooner did I return to Camden and the wonderful Diane than I was up at 4am to shoot off to Sky News, for their Sunrise program. Yes, it was new review time again and I was on with Anne Diamond. I get so starstruck when I’m on with Anne, and she is one of the loveliest people in TV. But the Sky studio is a great set, and Stephen Doxon and Gillian Joseph are great too, so it’s a job I don’t mind getting up at stupid o’clock for. Even if I am a pinko liberal that annoys many Sky viewers…. or that’s how it seem thanks to Twitter!

Mik with Anne Diamond

With that all in the bag, you’d think it might be time for a rest… but no. Or no then yes. On Wednesday Diane and I jet off to Barcelona as I have been commissioned to write a story about the city. Of course as it is one of our favourite places on the planet, we have booked some extra time there for a holiday. Can’t wait, even if the weather forecast is for rain. Being wet in Barcelona is still fantastic. Then when we get back it’s off to London’s Forum for three nights of Gary Numan as he recreates his three hit LP’s from the 80s. I’m going to be in synth heaven!

During all this I recorded a voice over for a film I am in, but I can’t say too much about that. Top secret and all that!

Gonna need a rest in November… although it is our 10th wedding anniversary so better get planning eh?

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Sky’s the Limit!

Recently I was asked to appear on Sky news, to talk about access for disabled people here in the UK. It was part of the press around the national Disabled Access Day, and I got roped in to do some of the press. I had met with the guys behind the day to do an interview for Disability Now, which should be out soon, but they needed a media type to tell the world. Hence I got voted that job.

Up at some unearthly hour, Diane and me were then whisked our to the wilds of West London, to the Sky Studios. Talk about security! Easier to get in to Buck Palace than this place. Once in, it was make up time… despite the fact I had already got make up on to hide a rather bad attack of zits. Before I knew it I was on. While I felt I had left a thousand things unsaid, I received loads of tweets saying well done. Scary how many people are up at that time on a Saturday!

Looking good while changing the world?

Looking good while changing the world?

What made my day was the fact that while I waited I got to meet Helen Lederer, a comedy hero of mine! Her dead pan style and acerbic wit always hit my funny bone, and she was just as funny in person. I also met Stuart Miles, Heart radio Breakfast show DJ. Of course, I’m not normally up at that time although I am now old enough to listen to Heart. All those 80s hits are a dream for me.

Mingling with the Stars

Mingling with the Stars

Anyway, something amazing came out my appearance. The lead reporter Stephen Dixon remembered me from my TV days and got the production team to get me in to do a news paper review. That’s coming up on Feburary 13th. So if you are up at 6.40am, 7.40am and 8.30am you can catch me telling it like it is about that days news. Must just remember not to swear or call Tory MP’s crooks. I did that on BBC News 24 many years back and they sacked me. Doh!

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