Birthday Boy

Cocktails at Bayou Soul

Booze Ahoy

I must admit I have been rather silent on the blogging front recently. I must throw my hands up and admit that it has mainly been due to a busy work load, but the other reason is that it was my 49th birthday last weekend. I honestly intended to do loads this week, but instead I did nothing as I realized that as you get older it takes ages to recover from even the mildest of party weekends!

Mik and mates drinking!

Cat, DI, Birthday Boy & Rob – The Gangs Going Wild!

On Saturday together with my oldest mates, Cat and Robin, we decended on a new bar in Camden, the Bayou Soul, for some very nice cocktails. I do like my drinks to taste like sweeties and I was not let down. Yummy and boozy!

Mik with his brother Steve

Brothers in Arms… or the Camden Head!

The next night my brother Steve came down from my home town of Luton and off we went to see the Dead Kennedys at Koko in Camden. Before we got to the venue we popped into the Camden Head for a pre-gig drinkie and Steve showed off the family skill for pouting!

Dead Kennedys playing live

Dead Kennedys Rock The House

The gig was great, although it made me feel very old. My school mate John Brandham was a huge Dead Kennedys fan and the gig took me back to sitting in his bedroom as a teenager listening to Fresh Fruit and Rotting Vegetables on his record player while I envied his lime green fun fur bondage trousers. Good days!

Mik and his wife Diane

The Bestest Present of All!

So after just two days of fun I retired to the sofa to recover… until today! Shame! Had a great time, and a big thanks to all my mates, my baby brother and my wonderful wife who made it possible. Next year I may need to book a month off as it is my 50th! Not bad innings for someone who was told he’d be dead by the age of 5 eh?

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Time Out Pieces 01

I thought that just in case anyone missed the articles I wrote for Time Out last week I would up load them. So here you go…

It’s a quick guide to places I like in Camden, so if you are planning a day out round these parts take a look.

I am also writing a series of three pieces around the Paralympics and this is the first of them. I will up load the rest a week after they are out.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to discuss some of the issues that the games bring up, and well done to Time Out for allowing me to do so.

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Glory Days

What fun we had! Last night a gang of us went to Koko nightclub in Camden to see one of my favourite bands from the 80’s – Blancmange. Definitely one of the best gigs I’ve seen in ages. I had forgotten how much Blancmange had written the soundtrack to my late teens. As well as the obvious “Living on the Ceiling”, the classics just kept coming. “God’s Kitchen” “I’ve Seen the Word” “Waves” and my personal favourites, “Game Above my Head” and “Feel Me”. I had the time of my life, my wife danced all night and even my brother jigged about a bit. For my brother and me it had really fond memories as we saw Blancmange together at the Queensway Hall in Dunstable way back. They were superb then, and they haven’t lost any of their talent or stage craft. I loved Neil Arthur’s dry northern wit between each track. It is the same humour that runs through out all of the their tracks, old and new.
Of course Blancmange hadn’t just decided to tour with old material.They had a new CD, Blanc Burn (pronounced Blank Burn – like Blackburn – as Neil kept reminding us). It continues where they left off. Full of classic synth hits, with their own brand of lyrical wit Blancmange are back and on form. I got my copy of the new CD at the gig.
As an old synth collector and musician that has been finding it hard to feel inspired lately, I woke up this morning singing to myself filled with ideas. Blancmange always did have that effect on me. So I won’t write a great big blog, as I have tunes to bash out. Check out their website for news, music and even a free download.
Before I go and annoy my neighbours, my I want to send my wishes to Stephen Luscombe, their keyboard wizard. He has just been diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurism and was too ill to appear last night. It is effecting his spine and I know how that feels, so get well soon mate.

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