Still Ill

Hi there everyone.

No big rant today. Just a very short note to say sorry for going quiet. I’ve been struck down an attack of nerve pain that has stopped me from doing anything. Been laying in bed going OUCH!!!!! for nearly a week. It’s finally stopped now, but I still have to withdraw from the pain killers I need to take during these attacks.

The doctors never tell you about these hassles when you go into a chair, and they sure has hell don’t tell you that getting back your feeling will make them worse! I can honestly say that this week has been like being tortured. So if anyone in the secret service reads this, I know I would make a great spy. If I was captured then nothing any torturer could throw at me would beat what my body hands out. I tell them nothing! Ha ha.

So hopefully I’ll be back to blogging in a few days, once the fog of Codeine and Morphine lifts. Groovy man.

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2 thoughts on “Still Ill

  • Sorry to hear about your bad pain Mik! Get weel soon my lovely friend! You know pain is easily releived and what you are doing by resting will ease the terrible pain that you have. Just fight through it and it will go,and let Diane wait on you hand and foot , thats always the best thing when you are suffering pain or illness that you have or call on someone to help you feel better.

    I go through loads of pain too , with what I have , and especially after I go to the gym my body feels like it has gone through a minefield, but rest and relaxation can relieve the tired body and just by doing something I enjoy can help me.

    I am so inspired by what you have gone through my friend , and you always have seemed to just carry on through the pain and I am honoured to have you as a friend!

    You get well soon Mik and nice to have seen you at LIberty perform even though we both missed each other not to chat to!

    Your version of Slave was brilliant, I sung it all the way home on the train to myself and helped me forget the pain I have and the bad thiings, See! that’s what cheered me up!!!!!!!

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