Still here

Believe it or not the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while is because I haven’t much to blog about. I haven’t gone crazy about bad access and gone postal, although the local paper, the CNJ, is going to write an article about my experience of access in Camden, or sunk into a black depression or anything. I spent this week either recovering from a heavy weekend, thanks to our friends Eve and Ashley, stuck in an MRI machine, being scanned within an inch of my life, or at an audition. I won’t say anything about that in case I jinx it. So I’ve been a bit too busy to find something to write my usual rant about. Amazing huh?
Next week is my 45th birthday, so I will probably have something to complain about there. I mean… 45! So watch this space for stories of age and falling apart.

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One thought on “Still here

  • Great post and hope you recover from your heavy weekend! Thinking about your visit to an MRI scanner makes me think about mine I had once , they’re awful arent they? Very bad! Well I have been having a busuy week what with my family up and having a bad cold but you seem to have been busy!

    Have a great birthday Mik and don’t complain, you arent getting old but more knowledgable on disability matters on your blog! And dont fall apart , we love you just as you are!

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