Right to Die? I need your views.

Anyone who reads my blogs or hear me talks on the subject of assisted dying knows my views on this issue. I have repeatedly explained how I fear a change in the law to legalize assisted death would destroy the doctor/patient relationship, worsen the way that way that society views disability and illness, put pressure on those who are disabled or sick to end their life prematurely and even lessen the amount of medical research carried out in to serious illness and disability. But this is a message going to all of you, as I need your views on the matter.

This Monday, May 13th from 1pm onwards, I shall be taking part in a live online web TV discussion on the topic and want to ensure that I can quote views other than my own. Even if you are in favour I would like you to comment on this blog as I feel it is essential for me to fully understand the differing views on such an important issue.

You can also put your own questions to myself and someone from the Pro-Assisted Death campaigning group Dignity in Dying by going to one of these two websites. Either visit Studio Talk TV or Benenden Health and post a question.

I will be running the debate on this site too, so please tune in. I will do my best to get over the arguments against a move to legalize medically assisted suicide, and I hope that many of you will support me in this. Whatever your views it is a major event in the debate, especially as Jane Nicklinson and Paul Lamb are taking their cases to the High Court on Tuesday May 14th.

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3 thoughts on “Right to Die? I need your views.

  • Please ask Jane Nicklinson to confirm her husband’s death was assisted by the Liverpool Care Pathway ie refusing food, fluids, all further treatment, and just asking for symptom relief . with morphine used for breathlessness /pain, and midazolam used for anxiety.
    I’d really like her to confirm that the liverpool care pathway is a medical way of euthenasing people already, as he wasn’t ‘ill’ at the time he died, though obviously had symptoms.

    • ..which is fine by me- as he consented – I just wonder why she still feels a need for a change in the law , when there is already a means to end your life on the liverpool care pathway?


  • Thanks for the chance of commenting. Euthanasia is illegal in this country (quite rightly) and yet involuntary euthanasia is widely practised in the NHS, in the guise of the Liverpool Care Pathway, seemingly with impunity. So if euthanasia were ever to be legalised then it`s inconceivable that there would not be massive abuse. Euthanasia is currently illegal yet practised more or less openly; we`d have an epidemic if it were legal of people being bumped off against their will or the will of relatives. Or relatives would pressurise doctors to euthanise because their “loved one” had become an inconvenience or they wished to inherit early. I do understand that some people wish to be helped to the exit, either because they are in great pain, or fear great pain, or do not wish to live in some much reduced state. There is no solution apart from better palliative care. But legalised euthanasia condemns far more people to an untimely death and possibly painful death as there`s no way it will be policed properly. Look at the example of the LCP.

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