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Screenshot of Mik Scarlet Acess WebsiteI have finally gone corporate, as my new website dedicated to my access consultancy and training business. It is now available at Mik Scarlet Access.

I’ve been working in the field for many years, especially since 2010 when I completed my training. I have had some major successes and am proud of the work I have done to make our society more accessible and inclusive. So if you require the services of someone to ensure your business is accessible, whether your physical environment or your business practice, or you want to to provide top quality training for your staff please get in touch. This isn’t just a job for me, it’s a vocation. I really want to make the world better for the generations of disabled people who will follow mine.

I should also like to point out that site was created for me in less than a day by my wonderful wife, through her web design business Site By Diane. So if you like what you see, contact her as not only will she build you an amazing site, but she’ll do it quick and at a great price!

Advert over.

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2 thoughts on “New Website for My Access Business

  • Hi Mik,
    How much do you charge for disability awareness training? I’m in the process of trying to organise some training for the management at my school (Driffield school in the East Riding) which is sorely needed. Access to Work will fund so much of it as they have identified a need based on the way I’ve been treated over the past couple of years or so.
    I’m having huge problems with them being able to understand the problems that I’m having getting around in a wheelchair and they won’t accept what I tell them. I’ve just been moved from a huge classroom with a wide door and easy access to the canteen, staff room and department office to a block where my classroom is too small for resource storage, has a smaller than average door (I can’t get out of the door without someone opening it for me and even then I will end up with bruised knuckles if I misjudge it) and an office on the first floor. They are going to put in a platform lift to the first floor but have refused to discuss the spec with me and so I don’t know if it’s going to be usable for me as I don’t have the hand strength to use a constant pressure control. I also cannot access the canteen in the new building as they’ve put rails in that are too narrow for a wheelchair. The situation is also the same for the students that we have who are wheelchair users.
    I’ve had so many instances of discrimination over the past 2 years and I’m at the end of my tether. I want to carry on working but it’s being made so difficult and the management at the school are taking the view that they are bending over backwards and I’m just being awkward, hence the need for training.
    Best wishes
    Catherine Scarlett

    • Hi Cathrine,
      I know we’ve been chatting about this via e-mail, and I hope we can sort this situation out for you. I know I can provide disability awareness training for you school staff and together we can work to ensure they understand their legal requirement around ensuring they make reasonable adjustments to allow you to continue working.
      I am on the case and as soon as you get the go ahead I’ll come down and get the ball rolling. In the mean time enjoy the summer holidays and know that when the new year starts we will get on this together!
      Mik 😉

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