My New Website

I am very proud to launch the new look Mik Scarlet website. Designed by my talented (and very patient) wife, who as well as creating this marvel is also talking me through using my new site. No mean feat as I seem to have lost the ability to get technology to work now I’m getting old. It had to happen!

This will be a one stop shop for all things Mik, from video and audio to blogs, articles and of course news. So stay tuned….

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4 thoughts on “My New Website

  • Looks good!!!
    Quick question are you covering the London Marathon and if do where from, G will be doing her normal spots in her wheelchair at Cutty, Mudchute and god Embankment her mum and I have the easy job of running it!!!

    Hope everything is going well


    • Hi Michael

      I won’t be at the Marathon I’m afraid. Not my thing… too much effort.

      Hope it goes well for you guys and see you all again soon.


  • Nice website! Hope to read more soon about you are doing!
    Hope all is well with you and your talented wife!

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