Listy McListFace!

Wow, what a month! I’m feeling really honoured at the moment.

First I was sent a link to a document that listed me as one of 238 most trusted journalists from the NCTJ, with some super respected names. The list was voted for by other journalists too so it was stunning to be nominated by my peers.

The cover of the NCTJ list of trusted journalists

A page on the trusted journalists list with Mik's name

I mean, I’m up there with Frances Ryan, Jon Snow and Kate Adie! Just super WOW!

Then last night I attended the launch of the Shaw Trust Power 100. This is an annual list of disabled people who are shaping the future in some way… and guess what? I was on it! For my work in the media and journalism.

Mik poses in front of a purple backdrop, with the Shaw Trust Power 100 2018 on it

It’s weird because you work away just getting on with it, not really thinking about acknowledgement. Then all of a sudden you find yourself being held up as a role model and someone who is making real change, as well as being trust worth by your peers! (yes still a bit blown away by that one!)

Mik  poses wiith fellow Power 100 listers.

So many other amazing disabled people are on the Power 100 list, I am in such esteemed company.

A photo of the power 100 book, with MIk's page open too

Still a bit fragile after last night, as the wine did flow a little too freely. I’ll take a better picture of my Power 100 page soon. In the meantime, here’s a photo that’s as blurry as I feel today!


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