Lets Get Busy!

What a busy bee I have been recently. It started with a great couple of days playing music and recording vocals for a project run by Drake Music. I spent two days with some great people, including the amazing John Kelly, and can’t wait to hear the results. We took the old jazz track Chinatown, My Chinatown and bent it right out of shape. It’s now too cool for school!

Outside Drake Music - Let the Creativity Flow!

Let the Creativity Flow!

Talking of school, after having my love of music rekindled it was off to my old school to record for an  BBC3CR documentary I’m making on Inclusive Education.  I spent a day chatting with the students, interviewing the staff and then I was called to the head teacher’s office. Luckily now I’m an adult I wasn’t in trouble, so instead we had a nice chat about how mixing disabled and non-disabled students together in a school helps everyone concerned. I know this as I was the first disabled student at my school and now it’s a center of excellence for the area. All because of me of course…. NOT! I’m amazed I didn’t put Mr Price off the idea. He was the head teacher back in my day who introduced the concept of inclusive ed to Bedfordshire. The program should be going out on Sunday July 27th. Keep you posted when I know more!

Mik Outside His Old High School

Like a scene from Grange Hill? “You boy…. come here!”

Tomorrow I’m off to the opening of the Imperial Was Museum’s grand opening of the WW! galleries and the new atrium. I worked on the access and can’t wait to see how it turned out. So good for a few free drinkies I hope.

Then on Friday it’s off to fight the good fight on Assisted Dying. I’m joining the lobby outside the House of Lords while they debate the new bill. To be honest it’s going to be scary as both the pro and anti groups will be there…. fight! To wind down after the day in the evening it’s off to Kew Gardens for Kew The Music, with Jools Holland and Marc Almond. Lots of singing at the top of my voice while eating sandwiches and drinking elderflower cordial. End the week on my idea of culture! (But no rest for the wicked as over the weekend I have to edit my radio doc…. eeek!)

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