Access & Inclusivity Advisory Service


Alongside my work in the media, I  now offer an Access and Inclusivity Advisory service, which allows my clients freedom of mind on all issues around disability, both in the physical environments of their business locations and within their business practice itself.

I have provided Access Audits and advice to many businesses, with the majority being in the entertainment, service and retail industries, and have given talks and speeches on disability issues at events of different sizes, from major conferences to face to face staff training days. I also specialize in assisting major building projects conform to Section M Building Regs and relevant British Standards, and excel in inclusive design. A personal speciality is working on projects with listed status or with historic features.

I ensure that my clients are aware of the legal requirements under the Equality Act and assist them if they need to make changes in their business model to become compliant. I have also provided access and advisory services for several local government departments and councils.

For over 10 years I have been involved professionally in this field. I started working with the team developing the Ocean Venue in Hackney, which was one the UK’s first fully accessible venues. I then went on to advise venues throughout London, such as The Ministry of Sound, and  worked with the owners of the Koko nightclub in Camden on ways to make the listed venue accessible to disabled people. This has led to the venue winning awards for it’s accessibility.

I am currently working with Stables Market Holdings PLC and Stanley Sidings towards the goal of improving the disabled access throughout the famous Stables Market in Camden, London, and to ensuring the new Camden Lock Village development on the Hawley Wharf site is fully inclusive in it’s design and build. I am also about to roll out a package of disability awareness measures for all market staff and stall holders.

My disability awareness training sessions are acknowledged as being very informative, easy to understand and make the issues around disability accessible to those who may never have had to consider them before, while being enjoyable to take part in. I have given speeches on many if the issues around access and inclusion for a variety of major companies, charities and educational establishments, appearing in front of audiences of 3 to 3000.

For each client I create a tailored advisory package and bespoke illustrated written reports (with video reports on request) as well as training sessions for staff as required. Another service I offer is the use of my media experience and contacts to promote the works carried out and to highlight the commitment of my clients towards inclusivity and access. Each package is designed to suit the requirements (and budget) of whoever hires me and I ensure that once a company use my services, a long term working relationship is formed.

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